2014 Election Postmortem

US success

The 2014 Midterm Election:

If Democrats were an NFL franchise they would be in the cellar, wait a minute I think they are.

Do you remember the Bible story of Gideon? Its an old testament Bible account of a battle where a severely out numbered Israelite army lead by Gideon (yes the same one that put the Bibles in hotels) surrounded the valley encampment of an enemy at night and just before dawn they used oil lamps and pots to scare crap out of them causing them to kill each other in their frenzied arousal. All the Israelites did was light their lamps and beat on their pots and it convinced their enemy they were being attacked by evil spirits.

This is the technique Republicans were using on democrats. Using distortion and fear mongering they have successfully convinced the inhabitants and Democratic Lawmakers of America that the Country, the President and the economy are all failing when the opposite is actually true. Instead of running on the achievements of The President and the strength of our recovery Democratic Lawmakers have cowered in corners and thrown meaningless single issue firebombs at their opponents.

For some reason Democratic Lawmakers have allowed themselves to be separated from their leader, The President, who, though imperfect, has done an outstanding job of singlehandedly running the country while they have been content to sit on Capital Hill playing with sticks and stones. The argument that The President “didn’t reach out” is a pitiful excuse for not engaging in the team unity needed to defeat a band of noisy Republican rabble-rousers. The President was forced, only somewhat effectively, to present his case, on his own, for the strength of his America. If an NFL player chose not believe when he gets hit and on the ground and behind that he can still get up come back to a win he will remain in the cellar of depression. We Democrats must rise up, band together, join The President and fight back with truth and principal and win the values war that none of us can afford to lose.

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