Autumn’s Bounce

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

Biscayne Bay NP

The cool breezes have arrived at long last in the southern reaches of the United States.

Battered by hurricanes, Floridians are picking up the pieces of a life that seems to consist of at least one dangerous weather pattern a year. The Governor is well versed in crisis management. The Winter White House must be protected, after all.

And at any cost.

Looking inward, a self assessment seems in order. Why is America here? Who decided it would be such a great thing to settle 20 million people in a swamp?

If there are advantages to such stressed living conditons it must be an enduring ecosystem immune to certain invasive species. People do want to come here — for a variety of reasons. I’d prefer to push into South America and learn why that is.

Meanwhile, David says to trust God. He does his morning yoga poses…

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Bottoms Up

John this is a very honest, insightful, compassionate blog entry expressed with style and charm. So glad you added it.

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

Here we are starting over again. Looking for work after a brief flirtation with politics. In the gutter looking up at the stars, wrote Oscar Wilde.

The summer approaches again in Florida. I have become numb to the lasting heatrays and all of the complexities of urban dwelling. I rarely go to Miami anymore. I don’t have enough money to go many places.

David and some friends have encouraged me to get back in the gym. I’ve been playing golf and basketball again and swimming regularly. I’m surprised how well my body has held up.

I considered running again for the state house but after two months on the trial determined it was the wrong district. I remain in contact with friends from the park service and maintain hope a position will open up. It would be nice to breathe fresh mountain air again.

Last week, David and I attended…

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Married To Words

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

In Key West on a Saturday night in late May. Steamy conditions. I write this post as a married man, embarking on a new and uncharted chapter in my life.

David and I are in this for the long haul. After eight years together, I feel there is nothing that could drive us apart and I do not see a situation that would produce demands for divorce. I wonder if Ernest Hemingway ever felt this way?

Hemingway is Key West legend and I have long been a big fan. I read “A Moveable Feast” during my bitter summer of 2009 and became smitten with his punchy, descriptive style. At a time when I needed simple and direct answers, Hemingway was just the remedy. A war correspondent, cat herder, best selling author and the mulitiple marrying type. That was Hemingway. As the docent giving a tour of his home in Key…

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Why Divorced, Straight Christians Should Kiss The LGBT Community

john pavlovitz


If I had a dime for every preacher who stood on a pulpit or behind a radio station microphone or on a street corner and blasted gay people for “threatening the sanctity of Marriage”, I’d have a silo full of dimes.

That in itself isn’t really noteworthy, as the LGBT community has been the Christian poster child for deviant behavior for the past few decades; blamed for ruining everything from daytime TV, to the Army, to the Boy Scouts, to major weather patterns.

And while the gay marriage debate in America threatens to quite literally rip the Church in two, it’s interesting how loud many Christian pastors and pew-sitters are on one facet of this conversation, while how conspicuously silent they are on another.

In their defense of their position, many church leaders and members who oppose gay marriage, cite the supposed Scriptural mandate for the sacred union of a man and a woman. (Though a simple review

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2014 Election Postmortem

US success

The 2014 Midterm Election:

If Democrats were an NFL franchise they would be in the cellar, wait a minute I think they are.

Do you remember the Bible story of Gideon? Its an old testament Bible account of a battle where a severely out numbered Israelite army lead by Gideon (yes the same one that put the Bibles in hotels) surrounded the valley encampment of an enemy at night and just before dawn they used oil lamps and pots to scare crap out of them causing them to kill each other in their frenzied arousal. All the Israelites did was light their lamps and beat on their pots and it convinced their enemy they were being attacked by evil spirits.

This is the technique Republicans were using on democrats. Using distortion and fear mongering they have successfully convinced the inhabitants and Democratic Lawmakers of America that the Country, the President and the economy are all failing when the opposite is actually true. Instead of running on the achievements of The President and the strength of our recovery Democratic Lawmakers have cowered in corners and thrown meaningless single issue firebombs at their opponents.

For some reason Democratic Lawmakers have allowed themselves to be separated from their leader, The President, who, though imperfect, has done an outstanding job of singlehandedly running the country while they have been content to sit on Capital Hill playing with sticks and stones. The argument that The President “didn’t reach out” is a pitiful excuse for not engaging in the team unity needed to defeat a band of noisy Republican rabble-rousers. The President was forced, only somewhat effectively, to present his case, on his own, for the strength of his America. If an NFL player chose not believe when he gets hit and on the ground and behind that he can still get up come back to a win he will remain in the cellar of depression. We Democrats must rise up, band together, join The President and fight back with truth and principal and win the values war that none of us can afford to lose.

Liftoff in Lauderdale

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

At the Tip of the Sphere again.

I’ve been back in Florida for a little over one month now. I’m writing a lot and people are taking notice. My list of clients is an impressive one and soon I embark on perhaps my greatest adventure yet.


Pause and reflect? No time for that.

A man reaches a point in his life when training is over, school is out and the desire to swim in a larger pool is what moves him.

Glacier served me well. The management skills I attained in Montana are enabling me to navigate South Florida’s often trecherous waters. Treading lightly in Little Havana and South Beach, I take the bulk of my assignments instead on more friendly turf in North Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I continue to move the discussion forward with each article.

Politically, the party I belong to was defeated soundly at the ballox…

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On the Road to Recovery

John’s latest Blog from the north line.

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

July is here. For seasonal park employees these are challenging times. We’ve been in our new surroundings for almost two months and the novelty of living in a national park is wearing off and reality starts to set in.

And so do the crowds.

Fourth of July weekend ushers in the masses — screaming infants, spoiled brat teenagers and impatient parents. The height of summer is indeed “family time” for better or worse.

The good news is Going-To-The-Sun Road is open — two weeks late – but open nevertheless. The frustration, disappointment and anger I absorbed from tourists in the days leading up to the road’s opening more than justified my salary. A late season snow storm delayed the road’s projected opening, leaving our tour bus operations in a mad scramble to find alternative routing, while appeasing those who were expecting a magnificent ride over the pass. The snow storm…

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Velvet Raging

John, my partner, a strong man on a journey.

Slice of Good Ol Boy Life

Miami Design District Miami Design District

For about a month now I have been in a constant state of agitation, frustration, confusment. And, worst of all, depression.

South Florida — and all of her quirky games — is weighing on me. I recognize living in a metropolian, urban area is no piece of cake and there are certain aspects of unpleasantness here that I have come to terms with. (horrible traffic, chief among them.) The attitudes of the gay community has been tough to get used to. For a community that craves acceptance, the judging it can dish out is down right devastating. There are certain pockets of Wilton Manors and Miami Beach I would dare not visit for fear of being ripped to shreads at first site.

The irony here is I came to South Florida to experience and live in a free and open society. The idea was to relocate from…

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